Milan 17′ Emerging from the wilderness

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Firstly, to 2018. Wow we made it through a year of threats from some guy trying to trump (wet farts in the urban dictionary) on our 2017. Secondly, to a year of new possibilities. Maybe it will be a new you this year. Maybe. Thirdly, to the Cheryl is Tripping site. If you didn’t get the pun I’m literally taking trips around the world, but for me it can also be a trippy experience full of highs and wild things happening. Disclaimer… no illegal drugs will be taken across the borders with me. So yes, this a travel lifestyle site giving you all the tips and tricks from my trips around this crazy beautiful world.

And who the heck is Cheryl?!… I hear you say. Well a born and bred south Londoner, with a penchant for north of the river, though I don’t make my way up there too often these days. Most of my time is spent west of the river watching TV shows, then making exciting trailers for them. And can you believe they pay me to do so? Well yes, I can, because it’s no easy feat. Imagine having to make war documentaries seem explosive? Excuse the pun. Well I make it happen and for the accomplishment they call me a Creative, with a big ‘C’. Maybe if I were just a self-professed creative the ‘C’ would remain lowercase.  Either way, paid or not, I live to create and create to live.  

I’m a firm believer in everyone having the capacity to create, whether that is a child, a business or an idea. It just takes courage to tap into that part of yourself. A big part of what fuels my creativity is the ability to calm the mind, live in the moment and get out of my everyday routine.

That being said exploring the world is fundamental for me. Breathing in a new air, having fresh eyes for new sights and unheard sounds for my ears to fall on really lets off fireworks inside me. I’ve had my fair share of explorations, not nearly as many as I would have hoped for in my thirty years on this planet. So, I’m on a mission to redeem myself, but not in a way that’ll leave me out of pocket.  

So yes, I love travelling and creating, so why blog about it? Well it’s the perfect place to bring together a lot of the things I find meaning in. In a previous decade, I went to university and came out with a ton of life skills, like deciphering shady friends, but also a degree in Publishing, Journalism and Media, which was thrown in at a big expense.

When it came to the studying bit the course I became fond of and was upset when I did miss classes because I overslept, was Photojournalism. Finding a way to tell a story or skew what we believe through a photo just fascinated me (maybe that’s why I Instagram a lot). I remember reading the Guardian newspaper and seeing the photo of the day and being like ‘I would love to have a photo in there!’ #Lifegoals.

After I was done with university I discovered I had an urge to write.  Initially fiction, but then started a film blog, which was a great outlet for my thought-pieces on film and culture. In between then and now life happened and the blog died.

My passion for writing didn’t, as well as my love for visually stimulating images, which I used my iPhone camera to practice that. I’ve heard people say if it’s taken on an iPhone and posted on Instagram then that isn’t ‘photography’. I call bull on that! Forget the sharp images and the great depth of field, although, smart phones are trying their hand at this, but to take a great photo it’s all in the composition and the story being  told through the image. So to discredit the iPhone and now praise disposable cameras, when it was once a tool dashed around the home, is the irony of the world…and I digress.  

Here on Cheryl is Tripping you will get to read a weekly post about a travel related subject, like “How to make it through the flight from hell” or “How to go on a solo yolo trip.” Do people still say YOLO? Might have been left in 2016. In the coming posts I will round up my 2017 travel, the highs and lows and share my tips based on past trips.

Excitingly I have a trip already booked in for this year, which will be revealed closer to the time and I’ll share the experience with you of course. Let’s just say I’m packing a bandana with me. When I’m not posting here, I’ll be across the socials of course. Mainly Instagram to be honest. Twitter is loud and Facebook is a snooze fest but will occasionally stop off there. Join in the fun and tag #NoWanderImLost on your trips.

I hope I get to inspire you in 2018 and also hear about your trips. I’m certainly not the most well-travelled and not a ‘6-month backpacking forget about the real-world’ traveler (though that would be ace), but regardless I’m on a journey.  

Cheryl x 

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