Aaaaahhh I’m going to Coachellaaaaa! I recently found an email I sent to a friend back in 2013 talking about our new years plans and to her I wrote, “We have to go Coachella this year!”, to which she agreed. To my memory, in 2013 I barely could afford a weekend getaway, so my optimism at the time was verging on delusional. 5 years later, and totally spare of the moment, I managed to convince one friend, then two and another, to part with their hard earned cash and just do it! I mean it only makes sense since Beyonce is headlining, and kind of guarantees it’s one not to be missed.

So, we are camping in the desert. Which is bound to be an experience in itself.

My only other experience camping on festival grounds has been at Bestival back in 2014. Fortunately we managed to snag ourselves artist camping, which involved shorter queues for the loos and showers, plus an extra inch of space between the tents.

In those days I wasn’t as health savvy or conscious as I am now. That’s why I left straight from work on a Friday… made my way down to the Isle of Wight… partied hard practically straight through… catching about 3 winks each night/dawn… arriving back in London at 6am on Monday… only to head straight to work… and call in sick on Tuesday. That is the definition of doing tooo much!

This time I’m determined to arrive back alive and well!

I have been listening to those that have conquered Coachella and their learnings. And there’s quite a few bits to consider.

If you are going too or attending any other festivals this year, here are some tips to keep you in top form, from start to finish.

…the important thing is to have fun and do your best


I cannot stress… THIS IS THE DESERT. Dehydration is core to its nature.

Do you know what else will dehydrate you? Yes, that is right, those tequila shots, beer, vodka… Alcohol will be your shady friend. Making you feel good one minute, but is always plotting your downfall.

I plan on carrying a litre bottle with me at all times, so I rehydrate in between the alcohol. And no, G&T’s don’t count.

Luckily in the camping zone there is double filtered water springs available.

Also I hear there may be a zone that you can stand in which spritzes water lightly in the air, to cool you down. I mean that would be genius if that’s the case.


If you want to party like a super hero, you need your superfoods. They may seem like your every day kitchen bits, but their powers can really fight any attack on your immunity, especially in a dusty, grimy environment.

I intend to pack a couple of lemons to add to my water. It’s rich in Vitamin C  and is one of the best natural detox foods.

Talking about detoxing, I will bring a detox tea. My fave is the Pukka Cleanse tea, which has nettle, peppermint, fennel seeds and a host of other good stuff. Your organs will thank you later.

And finally my ultimate super food favourite is Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes, it’s coming along. A table spoon of that in a cup of lemon water will help with the hangovers and detox liver after you have abused it with 10 tequilas in the space of an hour.

Just remember to pour it into a plastic bottle as glass is not allowed. I know, annoying for me and the environment.

Flip flops

If you are going to be using the communal showers please for the life of me do this one thing and wear flip flops. Can you even imagine the amount of crap (possibly actual crap) floating around. Protect your feet. Fungal bacterial infections are just a bare foot away.


You literally need to pump your body full of vitamins. Vitamin D you will be getting naturally… finally! But there’s no harm in getting those other lettered vitamins in.

Vitamin C is a good one to defend your immunity during the festival period. It will also give you that natural glow!

Sun lotion

Talking about Vitamin D, you probably need to consider this is the desert. It’s all sun and no shade. No matter your skin tone make sure you bring Sun Lotion. It is a must! Protect your skin, this is not burning Man festival, don’t be that burning (wo)man! I stocked up on one from the brand Ultra Sun. Not taking any chances and got factor 50 without preservatives, silicones etc… Because natural is life.


There’s something in the air and I’m not talking about oxygen. Dust is out there ready to swarm your lungs which is a recipe for disaster. Chest/lung infections are possible if you don’t take precaution. Scarfs, but even more on brand, bandanas are so right for Coachella. Get a cool one to compliment your outfit and then it doesn’t look so random. I’m sure you have this covered but Sunglasses will also protect your eyes from the dust, as well as the sun, as well as make you look cool.

A decongestant

Go one step further if you find the dust has found it’s way in, by bringing a decongestant, like a Vicks vapour rub, tiger balm or Robb (all various brands of the same thing) to sniff and get the junk flowing out your nose and open up your chest. Saline nasal spray is also a handy pharmaceutical to bring along.

Air bed

Sleep. The thing that will be as precious as The ring in Lord of the Rings. It WILL be hard if you are camping like me. But, it’s a priority to ensure you don’t crash and burn before Beyonce gets on Stage on Saturday. The floor is a no no no! It will make you cranky AF.

To possibly achieve a decent quality sleep an airbed is as essential as your sleeping bag. I got mine off Amazon for £10.


And to really ace this sleep thing, especially if you’re a light sleeper like me, ear plugs will help put a barrier between your decent nights sleep and the neighbours that intend to live it up all night long. Or any frisky noises from the randy ones. Yes, been there, heard it.

Eye mask

You might want to lie-in in past sunrise, considering you probably headed to bed at sunrise. The desert sun has no mercy whatsoever, so I’m bringing along a proper blackout eye mask to aid that blissful sleep that one gets in the 37 degrees sun beaming into your tent. Yikes!

So those are my self care musts for staying lit and avoiding feeling shit!

Hopefully there’s some things in there for you to consider while festivalling this year.

However, the important thing is to have fun and do your best.

Cheryl xo

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