Mini London Guide: Winter Edition

Winter for me… is a struggle! Especially when the snow hits unexpectedly, just when you think we’re at the dawn of Spring. Ultimately leaving home during winter takes effort, as staying cozy at home is my default. I’m not usually travelling during January – March (I really should… note to self!), but I still think it’s important to explore my city, London. So here are my favourite hangouts in London during the colder months.

Food + Drinks

Honest burger… This bougie burger chain is the place for ultimate winter comfort food… need I say more!

Dumpling Shack… The soup dumplings are a winner, but the Dan Dan noodles provide the perfect heat in the chilli months.

The Blackbird Bakery... I love this place for brunch! Their pancakes with eggs, bacon and maple syrup are just sublime.

The Boundary… This is a bit of cool to add to the grey winter days. The Boundary Hotel has a rooftop bar and grill, with an inside area that the skyline of Shoreditch can be seen through. Head there on a Sunday evening to get half price off Oysters and Lobsters!


Borough Market… For all the pastries to have with your Monmouth coffee, also in borough market.

Covent Garden.. So many boutique stores, back street coffee shops, theatres and has an old London/Dickensian vibe. Can be busy but not as chaotic as Oxford circus.

Covent Garden

Arts + Culture

The British Library… A national institution that with all it’s grandeur is a cool spot to get a coffee, have lunch, go through their archives or to even work on your side hustle.

Wellcome collection… There’s lots of talks and free exhibitions on the body, mind and health. Not forgetting the modern cafe and bookstore this is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours to get lost in.

Curzon… I usually go to affordable £5 cinema’s (shout out to Peckhamplex), but in the winter it’s worth spending that bit more on cozy seats, premium snacks and first rate audio visual facilities, that don’t lose sound in the climatic last 15 mins of a film… Hmmm Peckhamplex.

The Barbican… This is an arts and culture mecca in London that is enveloped in the brutalist architecture of the local housing and businesses. With the cinema, the extensive exhibitions, botanical gardens, numerous dining and cafe spots, it’s a great place to spend a Sunday, but in a chilled, but active way.

Wellcome Collection
The Barbican

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