2018 has dawned but it doesn’t hurt to take a look back on all the things that made us smile in 2017.  When it came to travelling I believe I visited more places (not countries) in a whole year than I have ever done so in any other year in my life. In 2016 I got to visit the number 1 country on the bucket list, Japan, and it was more epic than I could have ever imagined. Of course a write up on that trip will come, eventually.

So in 2017 I didn’t have a big BIG trip in mind, but mainly because Japan was a considerable spend, worth every yen I must say, however I needed to resuscitate my back account. But amazingly in 2017 two other places high up on my list was also ticked off. That being Copenhagen in Denmark  and Positano in Italy. Both of these places are not on the cheap end when it comes to day to day costs, but the low budget flights always manage to get me to bite the bullet. Again money well spent. This post is about my time in Copenhagen and the other destinations will be posted later.


This was a last minute trip with my two close friends. We took off during the April/May bank holiday weekend, to discover what makes the Danes so happy. Having been to the nordic region before in the winter I made sure to bring along my trusty puffer coat and thermal leggings. It’s still winter there when it’s spring here in London. However, it was chilly but very crisp and clear and the air felt so fresh.

We stayed in the cutest one bedroom AirBnB apartment in Øresund, which sleeps three, was super affordable and had a very clean chic nordic minimalist decor. We were five metro stops from the airport and a 20min trip into the city. Copenhagen is a pretty small city, so getting around is no pain at all. The bike culture is as alive as Amsterdam’s and everywhere is well connected on the metro lines.

Before going I didn’t have a solid plan on what we would be doing, but luckily my friends are as laid back as myself when it comes to travelling and make plans as we go along. What I did know is that eating pastries was high on the agenda. Lagkagehuset is an mouth-watering patisserie chain and is a must visit when there. Our trip consisted of eating a lot, and frequenting the Copenhagen Street Food market in Paper island. The choices were endless and I had the best gourmet hot dog ever, despite hot dogs being on my forbidden food list. I would recommend going even just for the views of the river and it’s close to the famous Christianshavn (the colourful buildings).

Towards the end of our trip we treated ourself to dinner at Manfreds in the gorgeous and cool Norrebro district. They serve unique veggie sharing plates, but are famous for their beef Tartare. It’s really good! The small plates combined with several bottles of pre 2012 pinot noir caused us to be a few decimals too loud for such a cozy sophisticated eatery. Not sure if we’re allowed back.

Okay it sounds like all we did on this trip was eat but we did do some culture days. I promise.

Here’s a list of places to see…

The Round Tower or Rundetaarn

This a historic tower with great views of the city from the observatory at the top. There are no lifts so prepare yourself for a steep, and then very narrow climb all the way to the top. There’s also an amazing library and gallery attached to it. So lots to see there.


The Little Mermaid Statue

This is a cute little thing to see in Copenhagen. We went there on our bike tour around the city and saw many other lovely things along the way. If you are making a day trip out of going to see it, it’s pretty busy and kind of underwhelming, a bit like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.



This is where Hans Christian Anderson digs were and is as pretty as the billions of photos taken of the colourful buildings. You won’t miss it when in Copenhagen.

Cafe Norden

Head to this cafe bar to recharge with the best espresso martinis and instragammable decor. This was before I knocked over my glass.

The Citadel or Kastellet

This a well preserved fortress which is free to roam on. It’s not far from the The Little Mermaid statue, so make sure to stop there as it’s very serene.


It wouldn’t be a girls trip if we didn’t check out the night life and lets just say there is a plethora of choice in Copenhagen. However, warehouse style venues have a hefty cover charge or strict guest-lists, but there’s lots of other alternatives. I couldn’t tell you for the life of me where we went exactly (one too many G&T’s involved) but I would recommend the Vesterbro area to find somewhere to have a dance and a drink.

The high 

Cycling around the city really taking in more sights than I would have been able to if I opted for the metro, on bluest of days with no clouds to be seen.

The Low

 Spent probably way too much in Manfreds, for not very much food.

Would I ever go back to Copenhagen? In a flash if I could, and would even go as far to say I can see myself living there, if it weren’t for the frosty and dark winters. The secret to their happiness is dotted around the city. It’s a pretty laid back city but things are done really well there. Danish design is about crafting things well. Life is not for over indulging, but for treating yourself. And spending time with people you love, doing things as simple as preparing a home cooked meal, with plenty of candles dotted around are some of the things that aid their wellbeing and joy. Hygge for Danes is not just a trend but a lifestyle and they take it seriously.  As soon as I got there I felt Denmark and Japan had a lot of similarities and the idea of minimal but good quality runs through the vein of the city.

Cheryl x


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